Inbound Over Bolivar

Taking Off…

September 2nd, 2017 – our hangar officially gets a new neighbor. Welcome to Ellington…

First Solo Cross Country – KEFD, KBPT, KGLS

Over or Under?

VFR cross country to Beaumont and Galveston.

ADSB Compliant and New Coms

Coming Home

After months of care with the avionics experts at Coastal Skies – N22752 is coming home.

ADS-B By 2020

Ask any aircraft owner about ADS-B and you will likely hear a grumble or two. N22752 had the Apollo SL70 transponder removed (it was malfunctioning), and we’ve had an interesting and painful process of trying to get it replaced.

Still Grounded

The annual is complete, but now a faulty transponder has this bird waiting on some avionics expertise.


A reworked carburetor, prop, and various discrepancies are being addressed… As 22752 gets some much needed TLC.

On the Horizon